Ink & Insights blog series: “Why are my scores so different?” — Carrie’s thoughts

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Doesn’t it drive you absolutely insane when somebody ruins something for you? Like when you watch a movie and you think it’s awesome—until someone points out that one flaw.

“The music was so annoying!”

“That one line was so cheesy.”

“Elsa hair literally goes through her arm when she brushes it over her shoulder.”

My husband likes to do that to me sometimes: “Have you ever noticed how that chandelier isn’t hanging in the center of the room?” No. No I haven’t. But now I will never un-notice that. Thank you.

Well, when it comes to scoring entries in the Ink & Insights Novel Writing Contest similar things can happen. Some judges notice certain things that other judges may not have noticed. We judges at Ink & Insights try our very best to remain objective, however, our different personalities and life experiences do make it impossible to judge all entries…

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August 8, 2017 · 12:39 am

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