Pushing My Creative Limits

From an Ink & Insights judge.

Sue A. Fairchild, editor

Recently, I’ve been judging writing contests for an online group called Ink & Insights. At first, I was concerned it would take up too much of my valuable editing and writing time, but as I do more and more of them, I realized two things.

5006396635_762e7b781c_o The giant gavel of justice at the Ohio Judicial Center in downtown Columbus, Ohio by Sam Howzit (Flickr)

  1. Reading a variety of novels has helped me as a writer and an editor. As I read through each selection, I have to read it as a reader – not an editor. That is sometimes hard for me. What’s worse, these are words that have not yet been completely edited and, sometimes, NEED my editing skills. (In fact, I may have already picked up a new client thanks to this work.) But when I read as a reader, I can get into the story, pick up the…

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